Burrito and I on the back deck. I’m trying for a selfie and he is busy watching the birds.

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Robert and I will be your author on this journey. Honestly not sure where this blog will lead, but join me and lets find out together.

A little about myself, I live in central Ohio with my three children and two dogs. My profession is sales engineering and work for a company based out of Massachusetts. Please know that anything located within this domain or ideas expressed are that of my own. They are not expressly shared by any fellow employees or the employer.

TLDR: If I upset you, my employer or co-workers are not liable… While we are at it, lets add in here that I am also not liable… Neener Neener Neener.

While many feel ( and they may be right ) that blogs are outdated, for me this is a new outlet of creative freedom. I spend much of my professional time educating others in the realm of service triage and the under pinning which support it. So why not produce a digital asset others can tap into.

Life is too short to be taken overly seriously,